Jul 21, 2020



If your headshots are a couple years old, you may be in need of some fresh images. Anytime your appearance changes, whether that’s a hair style or color change, you’ve aged, or your weight has changed significantly, it’s time for some new shots.

Make sure all your headshots are current so there aren’t any surprises for the casting director when you walk into the audition room. If you only have one or two shots, consider getting more looks to show a variety of characters. The more photos to submit with, the better.

A headshot is your ticket into the industry and a crucial element on your profile.


You are constantly building your resume when you book roles. Make sure all credits are listed on your profile. Casting directors and agents will be looking to see your experience. You’ll also want to make sure your training and special skills are regularly updated. Agents like to see talent who are continually training to stay competitive and learning new skills to be more marketable. Remember, do not list any extra roles on your resume, only credited roles count. The resume order is as follows:



Do you have a demo reel on your profile? Well, five years ago a demo reel was helpful to your career, today it is the strongest marketing tool an actor can have. A demo reel will open doors that a headshot and resume alone could never open.

Theatrical Demo Reel

A theatrical reel displays scenes of your best acting. Casting directors and agents can be a fan of your work before they even meet you! When you start submitting theatrically to talent agencies, one of the first things they will look for is one of these. Don’t make them use the delete button, instead wow them with a current demo reel.

Commercial Demo Reel

A commercial reel is one of the most competitive assets to your profile and is very useful in securing a commercial agent. It shows exactly what kind of commercial actor you are by showcasing your personality and skills. The Northern California market is heavy in commercial work. If you want to stand out from the crowd, this is the reel to get.

Voiceover Demo Reel

Open up new opportunities for yourself as a voice actor with a voice over demo reel. It’s simply the only way to impress potential clients or agents. This reel can show off your voice over skills and showcase your range. Adding this to your profile makes you extremely desirable when submitting to agents for representation across the board.



Is it time for more theatrical and commercial looks? Want some feedback on your current headshots? We are the leading headshot photographer in Sacramento. Let’s take your casting network profile to the next level and add some variety to your looks.

Demo Reels

Don’t have professional scenes of your best acting? We can write, produce, and direct your very own demo reel, perfectly tailored to the kind of actor you are. Have existing footage from previous projects? We’ll put it all together into a reel for you. Wow them with a Studio 24 demo reel.


Are you currently in a weekly acting class to stay sharp and competitive between auditions and jobs? Any workshops from LA coaches? If you aren’t booking as many jobs as you’d like to be, give us a call. We’ll help get you in the right class that will help you start booking more jobs.

SF/LA Casting or Actors Access Guidance

Would you like some professional feedback on your casting network profile? Email us a link and we will take a look to make sure everything is professional. Still not sure how to set one up? Schedule a casting network consultation with one of our staff members. We are here to help.

Resume or Cover Letter Help

Need a sample resume and cover letter? Ask our staff members for one the next time you visit us. You can also email your current resume and cover letter and we’ll give you feedback on it. Eliminate any possibility of an agent or casting director to throw away your submission at the first glance due to incorrect formatting.

Talent Agencies

Maybe you have everything ready to go but just don’t know when, where, or how to submit. Whether you are submitting here locally or moving to LA soon, we’ve got a list of the top talent agencies in California and will help make sure your submissions look perfect.

Hey, we’re here for you. Call us if you have any questions.

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