Sep 16, 2020


Agent interviews can be daunting, but when you know what to expect, and have an idea of what they look for when considering new talent, you can walk in the room with confidence.

  1. What should I ask the agent during my interview?

I get asked by actors all the time, what questions they should ask an agent during their interview. My response? If it’s a good, reputable agency, you don't need to ask too much. 

There is a certain amount of trust that you need to have with an agency that you are signing with. With the resources available to us today, there is no reason not to do your due diligence and research the agency prior to going in for the interview. 

Sometimes, asking too many questions will only make you look green and maybe too difficult to deal with. Agents don’t want to have to hold the actors hand. 

  1. What are some questions to avoid?

“What do you see as my type?”  This is something you need to know prior to seeking representation!

“How many auditions should I expect to get?” Trust me, they’ll run for the hills!

“Can you only send me out for theatrical auditions?” Cue the eye roll.

“Do you have other actors on your roster that look like me?” They brought you in, and they know what you look like, let them do their job!

  1. What will the agent be asking me during my interview?

On the flip side, the agents will likely have some questions for you.

They will most likely inquire about your availability to make sure you have a flexible schedule to make it to auditions and bookings. 

They may also ask what your expectations are of them. Be prepared to respond to this, as your answer could be a deal breaker. I recommend you let them know that you’re a team and in a partnership together to get booked. This demonstrates that you understand they’ll get you the audition opportunities and you’ll show up prepared and professional ready to do your best at every opportunity they get you.

  1. What do I wear  to my agent interview?

Be sure to dress nice, but not too business like, it’s not a job interview. You can show a little personality, perhaps a nod to your type, but don’t lean into it too much.

  1. What should I have prepared for my agent interview?

I recommend bringing a USB drive with all of your headshots, reels, and resume, just in case they’d like to see more.  If you have a tablet, you could also have these items prepared to show them if asked. 

A hard copy of your headshots and resume should also be printed and in hand. Although they may not need it or even look at it, it will show them how prepared and professional you are. This gives them an idea of how you’ll show up to auditions and on set. 

Most likely, the interviewing agent will send out an email letting you know what to have prepared, which normally includes a 60 second monologue that is age appropriate and contemporary. Sometimes, when actors have demo reels, agents won’t ask you to perform a personal monologue, but you should never assume that. Your talent is a part of your business portfolio, so be ready to showcase it on the drop of a dime! 

If considering you for their commercial division, they likely have you do a commercial cold read, so be mentally prepared for that as well.



Okay, I think we’ve covered the 5 most important aspects of the agent-actor interview. Now that you know what to expect, you can settle the nerves, be prepared, and walk into your next agent interview with confidence.

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