Oct 15, 2020


Sometimes actors contact us about opportunities that just sound too good to be true and they are unsure if the job is legitimate or not.


Let’s  walk through a recent audition scam an actor sent over to us and take each red flag one at a time.


  1. COMPENSATION - The pay rate doesn’t line up with any day rate under SAG commercial agreements, which would allude to the fact that it is a nonunion pay rate, even though previously in the email it is stated that it is a union project. Most union projects would simply list “SAG Scale” *Also, production normally is not going to schedule their shoot around a single talent. 
  2. WARDROBE - A union project will never ask talent to go out and buy their own wardrobe. Union projects can have talent bring their own wardrobe, but will pay them to use it. 
  3. RETAINER - It is very uncommon for nonunion and nonexistent for union commercial work to receive any upfront payments. 
  4. EXTRA INFO - Although it sounds like a generous offer to bring a friend or family member, this is not standard on set protocol. In fact, the only time production generally allows anybody other than the talent on set, is if the talent is a minor and needs a parent or guardian to accompany them. 
  5. COMPANY NOTE - WAIT! We thought this was a job? Now we are learning this is a talent agency representing actors and models. But wait, there’s more! They also offer training and development services for a fee. The state of California is very clear that talent agents aren’t allowed legally to offer acting training or services for a fee. 
  6. REWARDS - Always be wary of enticing jargon that doesn’t fit with the industry norm or standard. 
  7. INFORMATION REQUIRED - THEY SHOULD NEVER NEED YOUR BANK’S NAME. And all of the “required information” would go onto a legal document that would be filled out on the day of the shoot, not sent over email ahead of time. 
  8. PRIVACY POLICY & TERMS - Probably means nothing and was most likely included to make this thing seem legitimate. 

If your gut is telling you something isn’t right, listen to those instincts. And if you’re really unsure, you can always give us a call!

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